Action sought against firms

Written by: Aniqa Haider
Diplomats are seeking action against two recruitment agencies that are allegedly bringing Indonesian housemaids to Bahrain illegally. The Indonesian Embassy has reported the agencies to the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) for allegedly recruiting its citizens without the required permission or contracts.

Two Indonesian women brought to Bahrain by the agencies are now being housed at the embassy shelter.

“These agencies used illegal procedures to recruit maids and then allowed them to work in Bahrain,” said an embassy spokesman.

“They both have no contracts or attesting documents from the embassy, allowing them to work here as maids.

“One of them was transferred from Doha, Qatar, although we have suspended recruitment of our domestic workers in Qatar since January.

“But the manpower agency managed to bring her to Doha and forced her to work.

“Then she came to Bahrain and worked for a sponsor for a month.

“The second maid was recruited from Jakarta directly by another agency.

“We have reported both the cases to LMRA which is investigating and has pledged to support us.

“We have requested them to suspend their licences and blacklist them for breaking the law.”

Indonesia has banned the recruitment of its housemaids in the UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait after complaints of abuse such as unfair treatment, non-payment of salaries and no leave.

Maids from Indonesia working in Bahrain and other GCC countries must have a contract attested and approved by Indonesian diplomats.

The spokesman said the two agencies in Bahrain were reported to the LMRA after they refused to send the maids home. “One of them refused to send the maid back saying they paid $6,000 (BD2,262) to bring her to Bahrain and is not co-operating with us now,” he added. “We cannot allow them to work illegally and are trying to send them back home as soon as we get a green light from the LMRA.”

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