Budaiya Post Office begins Issuing Work permits for Domestic employees along with Hid and Isa Town

Monday 8th September the third Labour Market Regulatory Authority branch office began to issue work Permits for domestic sector employees at the Budaiya Post office. The LMRA Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ausamah Al Absi paid an inspection visit to the Budaiya Post Office to make sure everything was functioning smoothly and orderly.

Last week LMRA launched two other remote offices at the Isa Town Post Office and the Hidd Post Office, and Mr. al Absi assured that all remaining LMRA offices will be begin to provide services to the public within the coming week. Further offices will be located at the Hamad Town Post Office and Riffaa Post Office as per the agreement between the LMRA and the Ministry of Transportation to set up offices at 5 main Post Offices to issue work permits for Domestic employees in order to expand the LMRA efforts to facilitate procedures and provide faster and easier services to the public.

During his inspection visit Mr. al Absi asserted that by setting up LMRA offices at Post Offices throughout the Kingdom leads to smoother and more efficient services to the public and these offices have proved their efficiency since taking over of the responsibility to issue work permits for domestic Employees from the Ministry of Labour at the beginning of September. During his discussions with the customers at the location Mr. Al Absi heard their suggestions and comments regarding the services and noticed that there was a higher traffic of customers in the evening time.

Mr. al Absi asserted that this was a great leap in LMRA services that gives the families that employ domestic employees more facilities and shorter processing time for new and renewal of work permits adding that no new fees have been introduced nor any new procedures added. Requirements for applying for work permits and renewal are the same as before with more facilities and efficiency since the approval is now immediate for the first two housemaids if all the conditions are met. Applications can be made from 7:30 am to 7 p.m. at 4 locations for 6 days a week including Saturdays, at the LMRA office applications are received during normal working hours 7:30 am to 2 pm 5 days a week.

Mr. al Absi was accompanied by the vice President of finance and Admin services, sh. Fawaz Bin Hamad al Khalifa, VP of Operations Mr. Ali Al Kohiji and the PR Manager Ms. Hana Al Saffar

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