LMRA CEO Receives Delegation of the Iraqi Trade Union


LMRA chief Executive Mr. Ausamah Bin Abdulla Alabsi received a delegation from the General Federation of Trade Unions in Iraq, headed by Mr. Ali Rahim Ali, chairman of the Federation, accompanied by an official Arab and international relations Union Mr. Adnan al-Saffar and board member of the Union Alia Hussein on Wednesday morning.

LMRA CEO explained the policies pursued by LMRA to reform the labour market, and the steps that have been taken to ensure the transfer of the expatriate employees and to ensure their rights, In addition to the steps taken by LMRA to make the Bahraini citizen priority for employers, in order to serve the national economy, and develop the role of the private sector, in the form which is consistent with the obligations of the Kingdom of Bahrain, stressing that the Kingdom of Bahrain holds the lead at the Gulf and Arab development introduced by the labor laws for expatriate employees to ensure their rights and in particular the decision of the transfer of expatriate employees, pointing out that the Gulf states began to seriously to study the Bahraini model in this area.

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