LMRA Starts Issuing Domestic Expatriate Employees Work Permit


LMRA CEO Ausamah Alabsi said that the authority offices specialized in issuing domestic expatriate employees and their equivalent work permit has proven the ability to provide this service to the public efficiently after transferring the custody from Ministry of Labour and start performing the service by LMRA officially on Monday.

Mr. Al Absi while inspecting the authority post offices in Isa Town and Ministry of Labour confirmed that the work has been accomplished efficiently and in streamlined.

Mr. Al Absi reassured the progress of work on the first day of the submission of Domestic expatriate employees and their equivalents work permit, Al-Absi also listened to reviewer’s comments and suggestions with regard to the flexibility of services.

LMRA has begun providing their services in order to issue domestic expatriate employees work permit since Monday morning.

Al Absi confirmed that no additional charges will be calculated and no additional procedures nor any new standards will be adopted for the issuance of permits, emphasizing that the conditions of issuing will remain unchanged from the system currently approved, in addition to that LMRA provides more flexibility in issuing according to official regulations adopted, where the approval is instant on the issuance of a work permit for the first two housemaids of families in the event of maturity and completeness of the requirements of the transaction.

5 thoughts on “LMRA Starts Issuing Domestic Expatriate Employees Work Permit

  1. i want to work again in Bahrain again my housemaid visa was cancelled by my sponsor.can i spply huousemaid in LMRA im 58 years old

  2. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I am working in one of telecom company in Bahrain. My employer said that they can support only my wife and children in family VISA .

    Since my mother is alone and i need to take care for my mother.She is in Visit Visa with me in BAHRAIN and the period of stay is only 90 days per visit.
    May i know how can i get a Residence Permit for my mother here. Or is there any way to increase the Period of stay to alt east 180 days.

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