It’s fast it’s cool

Bahrain is moving on the fast lane, it seems, as the embassies of the Kingdom abroad would soon be able to issue visas directly. The initiative not only facilitates tourism, but also reduces official delay.

Once the plan is implemented, the embassies would not have to go back to the directorate in Bahrain via the Foreign Affairs ministry.

Modernisation efforts do not end there as the authorities are striving to reduce the use of paper. In other words, it would mean by this year end government offices will shift their focus to paperless culture.

It is a giant leap, because, it would put an end to delays much to the delight of people. It is also a giant leap, because, reducing the dependence on paper is a crucial step in environment protection.

Good show. Good going. The Kingdom has done well by shifting to the fast-track mode.

Embassies to issue visas

Soon, Bahrain embassies abroad will be able to issue visas directly, it has emerged.

Head of the Electronic Frontier Division in Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs Thabet Al Sherouki said, once it was implemented, the embassies would not have to go back to the directorate in Bahrain via the ministry of foreign affairs.

He also said the year 2014 would witness the launch of many developing systems, linking Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs and governmental authorities.

It would help in easing the procedures including extension of visas, renewal of passports and submitting family requests via the electronic passport system.

Mr. Al Sherouki said Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs (NPRA) in cooperation with the Central Informatics Organisation (CIO) has taken the initiative in order to provide improved services and facilitate procedures for clients through the use of the most advanced methods.

“This system will replace the old system for issuing visas which lasted for 29 years from 1985 till 2014, a matter that required shifting to another new phase to cope with the age of technology and that’s why a committee was formed four years ago headed by Assistant Undersecretary of NPRA Shaikh Ahmed bin Isa Al Khalifa to study the systems,” he said.

Mr. Al Sherouki added renewal of visas electronically was one of the newest services available, as a citizen would be allowed to renew his passport through the new system by submitting a personal or family request.

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