Issuing Domestic Employees Work Permits Through 10 Post Offices


In preparation for the transition of the issuance of work permits for domestic workers from Ministry of Labor to the Labour Market Regulatory Authority, LMRA CEO Ausamah bin Abdullah Alabsi announced the launch of new development project in the services licenses to bring domestic workers in cooperation with the Department of Postal in Ministry of Transportation.

Mr. Alabsi revealed that the Authority agreed with the postal sector in the Ministry of Transportation to provide this service through post offices in order to expand the facilities provided by LMRA to the public clients, in order to achieve greater flexibility in the provision of services, when the services is completely transmitted to the LMRA.

LMRA CEO met the delegation of the Ministry of Transportation on Thursday morning, June 19th 2014, headed by Assistant Undersecretary for postal Sheikh Bader bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, and the presence of the head of commercial services Sheikh Abdullah bin Salman Al Khalifa in the headquarters of the Authority.

Alabsi clarified that this paradigm shift in LMRA services allows families with expatriate employees from domestic workers to renew or issue new work permits for their domestic workers through ten post offices covering all governorates of the Kingdom, and these new services are available from 7 AM TO 7 PM six days a week.

Alabsi said: LMRA aims from this project development to make it easier for Bahraini families’ employers and to reduce the time taken in order to end the licensing transactions, and so it will be available for applications through ten outlets.

Mr. Ausamah Added: It has been agreed with the Postal Department on a positive partnership that embodies the concept of the integration of formal institutions in providing superior services to its clients in accordance with the professional standards, where LMRA systems will be connected to postal offices, and thus LMRA will receive the requests for the issuance of domestic work permits electronically within minutes and the approval will be issued once the official documents are completed at the same time without delay.

Assistant Undersecretary for postal Sheikh Bader bin Khalifa Al Khalifa welcomed this integrated partnership with LMRA, insuring the full readiness of the Ministry of Transportation to execute this vital project which will make a paradigm shift in the speed of completing the transactions and thus providing new facilities to public clients of the domestic workers, He pointed out that this cooperation with the body is directly under the guidance of the Minister of transportation, Mr. Kamal bin Ahmed.

Assistant Undersecretary for Postal office clarified that the management offers nearly about 27 different services through the post to the public clients, and they are pleased to expand these services to provide services and verity them by issuing domestic work permits servants in cooperation with LMRA.

LMRA CEO Mr. Ausamah bin Abdullah Alabsi praised the cooperation shown by the Ministry of Transportation “postal sector”, represented by the Minister of Transportation, Mr. Kamal bin Ahmed, saying that such cooperation is a new tributary to the success of LMRA in accomplishing the achievements in reducing the time and effort required for the issuance of work permits, he added that this new expansion came to meet the requirements of the comprehensive development carried out by LMRA to improve the services offered to the public, which aims to reduce time required to complete the transaction and to ensure more smooth flow in transactions functioning.

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