LMRA’s Newest Service: Online appointment system

LMRA welcomes clients, and it is our pleasure to receive you at any time, we invite you to take a benefit from online appointment system service through our website for the below mentioned services in order to save your precious time:

  1. To meet with management in the client services.
  2. For registration of establishment and obtain user ID for the EMS.
  3. For expatriate Intention to Transfer (In Case of work permit Termination).
  4. For capturing biometric data for expatriate employee and his dependents.

And this doesn’t mean that we will not be pleased to receive you without an appointment, LMRA services are available for all clients at any time.

Appointment System link:

You can watch appointment system video through the below link:

18 thoughts on “LMRA’s Newest Service: Online appointment system

  1. Hello sir ,
    Am working in a restaurant as a chef and my salary is 300bd am I eligible to get a depandant visa for my wife?

  2. Dear Sir/Madam

    Good day! I am Evelyn I want to get an appointment for mobility intention for tomorrow morning.
    Pls guide me


  3. hi im cecil my visa end on march 14 2016 and i want to transfer for another employer can i take an appointment now for mobility

  4. Dear sir,!!…..
    My name is Md.Badsha khalilur Rahman, I have given a visa whose no. is: 812001, parsonal no: 780272781, My passport no is: BF0041810, I need its issue date and its expair date. It is wrigh or wrong. plz replay me as early as possible.

  5. Good After Noon Sir,
    Subject : Figure Print

    Please give appointment date of Figure Print
    1.Prasad Vasu , CPR No.770525873
    2. Neethu Mohan (Wife) CPR.No 870533843
    3.Akshitha (Daughter) CPR No.160102448

    Thanking You,

    With Regards

  6. Mam/Sir
    Kindly give me an appointment for my mobility this December 04 2016.
    Please help and guide me
    Thank you

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