LMRA pledges cooperation and partnership with foreign missions

img_3309-1024x682The Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) has pledged its commitment towards protecting migrant workers from all forms of exploitation, reiterating its utmost cooperation with the embassies of the larger expatriate communities in the Kingdom.LMRA Chief Executive Officer Ausamah Al Absi in a luncheon meeting with the envoys of nine major foreign communities in the Kingdom stressed on the authority’s efforts to enhance cooperation with the missions towards achieving this common goal.

“We pledge cooperation and partnership with the embassies, like in the past years, as part of our efforts to regularise the labour market as well as to discuss the prospects of enhancing coordination between the two entities.

This joint move will especially focus on the level of workers’ awareness of their rights and duties, apart from opening a channel for the missions to help better the conditions of their communities in the Kingdom,”
said Mr.Al Absi.

The meeting, second of its kind (first one was held on October 2013) held at the Capital Club on Sunday, was attended by the ambassadors of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines, along with their labour attaches.

The meeting was also attended by key LMRA officials. The envoys unanimously lauded the efforts of the LMRA, welcoming the open channel of communication and assured the authority full-fledged cooperation in securing a better living condition for all expatriate workers in terms of their eligible rights.

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