LMRA refers 8 cases of Trafficking in persons to the public prosecutor

Chief Executive of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) Ausamah bin Abdulla Al Absi revealed that for the first time since its establishment the LMRA has referred 8 cases of suspected trafficking in persons cases to the Public Prosecution.

Mr. Al Absi stated in local media that LMRA has included among its plans combating com the trafficking in persons issue and as a result of its efforts and the coordination with the Public Prosecutors office and other relevant authorities, these 8 cases were uncovered via the vetting process, inspection and grievance processes at LMRA and were immediately forwarded to the Public Prosecutor for action.

He highlighted that LMRA is committed to preventing and combating any practices that breach the laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

He added that LMRA is strongly committed to the National Plan for combating Trafficking in persons, and provides awareness to the citizens , residents and foreign workers on the issue of Trafficking in persons and their rights in this matter as organized by Law no 1 for 2008 for combating trafficking in persons.

Mr. Al Absi assured that LMRA’s commitment to this comes in line with the Kingdom’s National commitment and adherence to international laws in trafficking in persons, and respect for basic Human rights and dignity .

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