Assuring Market that Labour Regulatory Authority (LMRA) e-Support Centre will never detrack from the development path, the authority’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ausamah Al Absi said that the centre had responded to 67 per cent of the electronic requests, during September, within 24 hours.Mr. Al Absi pointed out that 1,741 out of the 2,597 requests received last month were replied to within a day’s time.

Announcing the official launch of the centre’s new electronic system, which will get rolling from today, Mr. Al Absi said that the new system which is accessible from within and outside the Kingdom will operate 24 hours a day and offer both employees and employers more privileges.

He said, “We are making use of the latest technologies in the service of clients.

The new system will add a new data base, which could be accessed round the clock, saving time and efforts.“

The CEO affirmed that once it is launched, the new system will reduce the waiting period for LMRA direct services requests from five to three days.

He also explained that the authority’s website will include a detailed video demonstration on how to use the system. It could be viewed by logging on to starting today.

Mr. Al Absi added, “Employers will be able to access the system through their private codes. On the other hand, employees could access it via their Central Population Registration (CPR) card numbers.“

After launching in 2009, the e-support centre had responded to 210,318 electronic requests.

“The centre’s latest statistics indicated that 23pc of the electronic requests received were for working permits issuance, 20pc were data update requests and 19pc for reporting employees termination. The remaining requests varied between the LMRA different services.“

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