2 thoughts on “How to use LMRA Clients E-support Center?

  1. My daughter is workibg in A restaurant in city centter. Due to the building requirements the company needs to close the shop for renovation. They sent all the staff in their country and provided only one way ticket and one month salary to the exuse that they will take them back after 3 months. Unfirtunately 3 months is almost fi ished and the renovation is still on going leaving those employee in an uncertain situation without work and without money to provide their family. Please tell us what to do and is it right?

    • dear client,

      For all questions regarding Employment contracts, leave entitlements , disputes, complaints, grievances against employers, you need to contact the Ministry of Labour. Please note that this is not part of the LMRA mandate and we cannot interfere between employers and employees, you are requested to lodge a formal complaint and submit any supporting documents to the complaints department of the Ministry of Labour in Isa Town , for more information visit http://www.mol.gov.bh

      For more information You can contact LMRA call center on +973 17506055, or you can contact our e-Support helpdesk through https://services.lmra.bh/e-support/ to clarify your issue.

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