Labour Market Regulatory Authority: Employers are obliged to have a Record for the Foreign Workers

Manama, July 28th (BNA) –Minister of Labour, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Labour Market Regulatory Authority, Jameel Bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan issued an edict to organize the records of the employers. The Edict, which includes six articles, obliges the employer who recruits foreign workers to have a record entitled “A Record for Registering the Foreign Workers.”

The employer should include in that record, the name of the foreign worker, their nationality, date of birth, qualifications, their jobs, the place of residence, the nature and type of work they are performing, date of arrival in the Kingdom when starting the work, the period of the work permit, the period of the contract if it is defined, the salary agreed upon, how it is paid, and when it is paid.

The employer should also include in that record, the name of the bank and the account number, the licenses attained from the relevant parties if the worker is practicing a job that needs a license, the changes that may affect the working relationship concerning the rights and commitments of both parties, or affect the continuity of this relationship.

The Edict also included paginating of the record with serial numbers, and updated data required to be recorded periodically and regularly, with a clear and an accurate way that provides a true reflection, and it is possible to include such data in an electronic form in accordance with regulations adopted by the Authority in this regard.

The employer is obliged to follow the certain regulations and procedures that ensure keeping the record safe, with the possibility of reviewing it at any time.

To that, the edict obliges the employer to enable the Authority’s inspectors and relevant staff to review the record, and facilitate their access to the recorded data and information in regard of this record.

The Edict defines the employer to be every party, natural or legal, which recruits a worker or more to perform a certain job in the Kingdom for a fee to be paid, either fixed, or variable in cash or non-cash, and this includes any governmental institution, or public body, or company, or office, or a facility or any other entity of the private sector.

BNA 1127 GMT 2013/07/28

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