Al Dossary dismisses `deportation woes’

Allaying the fears of `depor tation’ of expatriate housewives working as teachers in private schools in the Kingdom, Labour Ministry Undersecretary Sabah Al Dossary, stated that `no decision’ has been taken in this aspect yet.

Responding to Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) Chief Ausamah Al Absi’s statements that any expatriate found working without legal work permit shall be deported, Mr. Al Dossary explained that violations shall be referred to court for legal action.

“The sponsors of those caught working without permits ¬ which in this case are the husbands’ employers ¬ are the ones who will face legal action. The school is also answerable, if they have not procured a `No Objection Certificate’ (NOC) from the husband’s employer.

Nobody can take an action of deportation against the individual,“ he stressed.
Noting that the ministry was aware of the needs of the private schools in terms of work force, Mr. Al Dossary said that the ministry was always cooperative with their demands.

“We know the community schools need qualified teachers to teach higher classes depending on the varied curricula.

Wage demands from the local workforce is also an issue.

When we receive applications in bulk from the schools, duly approved by the Education Ministry in terms of qualifications, first we check with the employment bank for locals who could fit into the schools’ demands. If we don’t find any, we approve them for permits,“ said Mr. Al Dossary, adding that there has never been any delay on the procedural front.

Contradictory to what Mr.Al Absi had stated, Mr. Al Dossary said that 95 per cent of employees in the private schools are working with legal approvals from the Education Ministry.

The LMRA has the authority to refer illegal employees to court for an action on the NOC providers, he assured.

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