The over 60s…

THIS is in response to the letter ‘Over 60s visa’ (GDN, March 19).
The requirements and the process guide for over 60 applications are published on our website, with all our other transactions.

We treat every single application professionally and with due diligence and impartiality, bearing in mind that we deal with different sizes of businesses with their multitude of activities.

The facility to apply or renew the permits of expat employees over the age of 60 is given to employers on an exceptional basis only, just to give them some time to get a replacement employee of a similar calibre.

Furthermore, each application is assessed individually, taking into consideration the speciality, occupation, experience and the qualifications of the employee who is over 60, as well as his or her range of activities.

Generally speaking, there are some evident occupations and specialities, where a shortage of skills exists in Bahrain.

Those applications have a higher probability of being approved. LMRA

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