LMRA launches a new refund process to serve the business owners

LMRA’s chief executive Ausamah bin Abdullah Al-Absi Calls on business owners who have credit notes in the system and want to get their owed amounts paid, to visit the customer services department to submit the relevant form, explaining that those who do not want to use that new process can still keep the credit amounts owed to them as a credit note that can be used to pay for any of the transactions in LMRA.

Al-Absi stated to local press that the LMRA and in order to provide more facilities provided to the employers, has launched a sophisticated process to refund the amounts due to the business owners, by Cheques, pointing out that LMRA will begin to receive those requests as of Sunday, the 17th of June, 2012 and during the working hours of half past seven am to 2 pm, on week days.

 Al-Absi said that LMRA system owes 3500 businesses around 430,000 Dinars in uncollected refunds, a reminder that LMRA deals with the about 80 thousand commercial registrations i.e. companies and more than half a million foreign workers, and he pointed out that   business owners need to make sure that whether or not they have credit notes at the Authority through the review of their invoices available electronically through access to their account in LMRA expat system (EMS) through the Authority website. Al-Absi added that the reasons for the accumulation of those dues vary according to the regulations LMRA and transactions provided by the terms include the cases of refund of the amounts: The rest of the amount of license work to the worker signing to another facility, the amounts of work permits canceled by the Authority before the arrival of the worker or expired license, the amounts of work permits canceled by the employer, provided that the record be canceled, he explained that business owners who wish to recover the amounts paid by and published under terms of refund shall issue a check payable to the amount recovered the employer or on behalf of the institution according to the case of refund.
He explained that system’s refund process as follows: The Employer or his legal representative needs to visit LMRA’s collection counters and submit the relevant refund form (Available at the reception desk as well as on LMRA’s website, a copy of the identity card / CPR card of the employer / business owner.
 If the CR is closed at the Ministry of Industry and commerce, a letter from the ministry stating that the CR is closed will also be required.
The credit notes that can be refunded are as follows:  Credit for the remainder of the permit’s validity for expats who were mobilized out of the CR (only for mobility applications processed without the prior termination of the permit, Credit for the permits cancelled by LMRA before their expiry date and prior to the expat’s arrival to the Kingdom.

Pointing out that the Authority has developed a retrieval system so as to ensure further guarantee the rights and interests of business owners, and add more flexibility to systems and procedures.

Al-Absi  stated that LMRA is doing its best to provide more facilities in the various transactions and simplify procedures for the services provided by, and in response to the directives of the wise of officials in the Kingdom, al-Absi praised members  LMRA that do not spare no effort in providing the best services to clients.

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