LMRA Chief Executive receives Jordanian delegation

Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) Chief Executive Osama bin Abdullah Al Absi received today an official Jordanian delegation representing the labour sector which was headed by the expert of Beirut-based International Labour Organisation (ILO)’s Arab States Regional Office for Labour Inspection and Vocational and Health Safety Affairs Dr. Amin Al-Waridet.

The delegation’s one-week visit to the kingdom aims to get informed about the experience of LMRA in organising and managing the labour market, which Dr. Al-Waridet described as “unique” in the Arab world.

Mr. Al Absi presented a detailed account on LMRA work, goals and achievements in managing the local labour market regarding the expatriate workforce and tackling unemployment.

He also highlighted the goals of the labour market reform project in developing national human resources.

Dr. Al-Waridet revealed that they had been officially tasked by ILO to get informed about the internationally-praised LMRA pioneering experience, promote it at the Arab level and benefit from its positive results in organizing the labour market in Jordan.

The meeting was attended by LMRA Deputy Chief Executive for Financial and Administrative Affairs Raji Abdulrahman, Deputy Chief Executive for Information Technology Hussain Ahmed and Legal Advisor Abdulrahman Faris.

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