LMRA CEO receives official Bangladeshi delegation

02 : 43 PM – 18/03/2012 
Manama: March 18 — (BNA)LMRA CEO Osama Abdullah Al-Absi received today in his office in the Labor Market Regulatory Authority’s premises an official delegation from the Republic of Bangladesh’s Ministry of Labor comprising: Managing director of the Bangladeshi Government-owned Organization for Expats Employment Abroad Services cum Assistant Undersecretary Mohammed Abdullah and the general director of Bangladesh’s Labor, Workforce and Training Bureau Mrs. Mufreha Sultan.
Al-Absi explored with the visiting Bengali delegation the situation of Bangladeshi workers in the Kingdom of Bahrain and discussed scopes for bilateral cooperation between LMRA and the Bangladeshi Ministry of Labor regarding workers permits and orientation of workers about labor regulations, legal status, rights and obligations.

The delegation was informed about LMRA procedures, made a field tour to get familiar with Expat Labor System (EMS) procedures applicable in LMRA which ensure the control of all stages and requirements for issuance under the time-saving One Stop Terminal which ensures the monitoring of all expatriate work permits.

LMRA officials discussed with the visiting Bengali delegation ways to boost cooperation in the area of information and expertise exchanging between both sides in the spheres of their respective human resources development.

On the other hand, the Bengali delegation praised exceptional efforts being exerted by LMRA and lauded the welfare provided by LMRA to Bengali expatriate workers in the Kingdom, citing Bangladeshi’s official appreciation of such welfare, and commended the new rules and regulations adopted by LMRA and easy electronic applications provided to expatriate workers and ensured rights of both employees and employers. The delegation expressed admiration towards LMRA’s accomplishments in organizing expatriate workers and keenness to benefit from the Bahraini experience in the Bangladeshi labor market and was delighted at the advanced leading model provided by LMRA for the international labor market in terms of automation of workforce data.

It is worth mentioning that the number of Bangladeshi workers in the Kingdom of Bahrain is 71,915 according to recent statistics amongst a total of 371,183 foreign workers. (IY

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