MP slams CSB for delays

A parliamentarian yesterday slammed the Civil Service Bureau (CSB) in the country as an ‘obstacle in the way’ of implementing regulations.
MP Khalid Abdullaal said that the CSB is wasting time and money through delays.

The MP told DT, subsequent to his discussions with Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Osama Al Absi regarding matters related to restructuring of policies.

“Mr. Absi explained to me his situation, which highlighted that the LMRA has too many managers and less staff,” said Mr. Abdullaal.
The recent law adopted in the parliament has assigned CSB the power to approve any appointments, terminations or promotions.

The MP had questioned LMRA on promoting an officer who had been allegedly accused of sexually harassing female employees in the past.
Regarding LMRA’s legal move against the MP, he said that the case is likely to be withdrawn on a mutual consent.

“However, I do not retrace myself as I stand committed to justice and rights of people,” said Mr Abdullaal.

He said he was convinced on the matter as not an issue of the management of the LMRA, who doesn’t have enough power to implement decisions.

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