Bahrain Roundup

Suad Hamada

14 March 2012, Computer training
for 15,015 Bahrainis
The Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) and e-Government Authority (EGA) agreed on a cooperation project (building capacities) which aims at developing the computer knowledge and raise awareness among Bahrainis.

The project aims to train 15,015 Bahrainis in an effort to build a society rich with computer knowledge and key skills that provides citizens and government employees with the capabilities required to deal with the latest technological developments.

The Economic Development Board’s CEO Shaikh Mohammed bin Isa Al Khalifa welcomed the US-based Enerflex Corporation’s announcement of its intention to open a branch office in Bahrain after the company was awarded a contract with Petroleum Development Company.

Enerflex (US-Inc.) is a leading company specialised in the domain of gas pressure and maintenance operations services.

Shaikh Mohammed in a statement said that the decision taken by Enerflex to carry out its business in the region by opening a branch office of the company in Bahrain reflects the attractiveness of the Bahraini economy and current growth in the oil and gas sector which constitutes a basic pillar in our national economy. He  welcomed the existing cooperation between Enerflex and Oil Development Company under a partnership contract signed by both, asserting that the attraction of overseas companies provides a perfect opportunity for exchanging expertise and training of Bahraini employees and developing their careers and specialisations.

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