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Posted on » Monday, March 05, 2012
By slashing LMRA fees in half from BD10 per month for each expatriate employed at a time when businesses are struggling to survive the onslaught by the senseless, aimless rioters, will only do more harm than good.

At this critical stage it is unwise for Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive Ibrahim Al Lingawi to give such suggestions. First of all none of the businesses have a steady income, then how can the employer pay a fixed amount every month? I refer to “Bahrainisation rethink call” (GDN, February 26).

Still worse, if the employer fails to get new contracts before the existing ones are handed over, he will run into trouble over payment of workers’ salary, rent of workers’ accommodation, electricity and water charges and above all, his family maintenance. Added to this, if he is compelled to pay the labour fees, then it will be nothing less than suicidal. It affects all categories of business one way or the other.

Either the rioting should stop or be forcefully stopped by the authorities or they should continue to pump more and more money into the businesses to keep them going, but for how long?

So the only solution to this long-standing problem faced by employers is to abolish the LMRA fees, if not for long, at least for the next two years or so. If the government is truly concerned about the welfare of its citizens and the sustainment of their business, it’s the only way out.

Once they get over this predicament, the government should work out a feasible strategy to generate funds for Tamkeen. It should be in such a manner as to not hurt the sentiments of businessmen.

Abraham Samuel (bijji)

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