Do Not Be Afraid, We Are Here to Help

Guest workers in the country have been urged to register their phone numbers with the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) yesterday, Oct. 13.Many workers in the country fear registering their mobile numbers since they are afraid that with their numbers on the LMRA’s database, they will be easily tracked down and monitored.

The LMRA however, assured that the registration of mobile numbers is more for the protection of the worker.

Many workers have been subject to false complaints from their employers such as running away. But since the worker was kept in the dark about the complaint, this will eventually lead to complications for the worker later on.

LMRA Chief Executive Osama Al Absi said to DT, “This is one of the main reasons why we want our guest workers to register their mobile phone numbers with us.”

He continued, “We have a facility where whenever an employer lodges a complaint with us, the worker in question will automatically be informed by SMS that their employer has lodged a complaint against them.”

“Many people think that when they register their numbers with us, that it will be easier for us to catch them and that it will be more to their disadvantage,” he added.

Mr. Absi continued, “But in reality, this will keep you more informed so that later on you won’t be surprised to find out that your employer has lodged a false complaint about you.”

He further highlighted that the biggest enemy is ignorance. “If a worker does not know what is being done against him, he goes about his daily life but there is a case somewhere against him, he will only find out about it when there is another problem or when the worker attempts to leave the country,” he said.

“As much as we would like to hear a balanced case from both ends, it usual only ends up with the LMRA hearing only one side of the story. I do not have access to the other side of the story because we cannot contact them,” Mr. Al Absi said.

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  1. Dear sir/madem,
    I have been working with my new employer for pass 4 month now in my previous work visa cuz they allow my previous visa has been cancelled and my new employers keep on saying that he will process my visa from day one but he never..i think i dont have much time left..what i have to do?im so worried..

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