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I am already a resident in bahrain, is there a wayto check my visa? And how can I stay informed of any changes to my status at LMRA?

LMRA, has created the expat portal, for expats to stay informed and connected with LMRA all the time. Through the expat portal, you will be able to see your details, visa status and expiry date, details of your dependents, etc. We strongly recommend that you update your email address, mobile and telephone numbers in bahrain and in your home country from the expat portal, so that we can send you important updates and notifications. the expat portal is available here: /exaptportal/login.php

There is also a visa status SMS check that is helpful for those without internet connectivity, follow this link for more details: http://portal

What are the other types of visas LMRA deals with?

Entry and Residency visas are under the jursdication of the GDNPR. LMRA only deals with work visas for expats and family visas their dependents as a one-step service.

All other types of visas are done outside LMRA and directly at the GDNPR. Examples Visiting visa, student or business visas, property owners, and special visa schemes for retirement or investment in Bahrain, visas for residents of Saudi Arabia who rent or buy property in Bahrain etc. For more information check the evisa site: or

2 thoughts on “Legal Voice

  1. dear sir / madam

    i have a on going case right now with my sponsor Mr. mohamad Al Ameeri
    1) regarding may passport : i won already in the emergency court that he have to give my passport but then he tell that he lost may passport so i can go and transfer my visa…

    2)regarding may salary and indemnity and all original document that until now he not give

    3) i won already to case that he file to me and that the reason i have a travel ban and he want me to block list but sir i finally won this one so pls sir can please help me regarding my problem i serve him for two years but den he do like this to me…

    thanks and god bless

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