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My employer is not paying me my salary / wage / allowances on time, what should I do?
LMRA does not interfere in ssuch matters, which are outside its jurisdiction. Employees are advised to report this case to the Ministry of Labour, which in turn can take it to a court of law.

Who do I contact in order to get or renew a CPR card, amend or change details or address on my CPR card or replace a lost or stolen card?

CPRs are under the jursdication of the Centeral informatics organization – CIO. visit the following websites for information: or

Please note that you need to make sure that you have given the employer your residential address at the time of application (or within 30 days after arrival in Bahrain), the employer needs to update this at the CIO’s address department at ISA town, to avoid delays in CPR card issuance.

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