LMRA Marks Women’s Day

MR RADHI honours Ms Hindi

MR RADHI honours Ms Hindi

The labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) celebrated Bahraini Women’s Day yesterday. The event was held under patronage of executive director of the authority, Ali Ahmed Radhi.

Aformer memebr of Shura Council and an honorary guest, Muneera bin Hindi, as well as 120 female members of the staff attended the celebration.

During the ceremony, Mr Radhi gave a speech, parising the role of female Bahraini in the society, and LMRA in particular. Mr Radhi expressed his gratitude towards their profesional attitude and high standard performance.

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  1. I congratulate you with having such oranization skills! I consider it to be very important for each female Bahraini to feel herself effective, valuable and significant. And due to your efforts it became a reality!

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