Visa health tests to be speeded up

By SANDEEP SINGH GREWAL ,  Posted on » Monday, October 18, 2010

EXPAT employees should get their work visas faster after private hospitals and clinics were given the green light to conduct mandatory pre-employment medical tests.The tests, which also cover family members, used to be conducted solely at Al Razi Health Centre, Al Nuaim.

However, the Health Ministry is rolling out the service due to increasing pressure on the centre, which has a daily average of 500 people receiving treatment or undergoing pre-employment tests, said officials.

A total of 30,960 new work visas were issued in the first half of this year alone – 34 per cent of them for construction workers, according to Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) figures.

“With the new decision, private hospitals and clinics licensed by the ministry will be allowed to conduct pre-employment tests for foreign workers,” said the centre’s pre-employment testing section head Dr Abdulla Mansoor.

Foreign workers upon arrival at the Bahrain International Airport will still be given appointments to conduct tests at Al Razi Health Centre, he said.

However, the workers will now have an option to visit a private hospital or clinic to carry out the test.

This, said Dr Mansoor, would be done at fees fixed by the private hospital.

Under the current practice, a worker’s medical certificate after screening is sent electronically to the LMRA.

After completion of all the formalities, a residence permit is issued.

“The private hospital will forward us the medical report of the patient, which will be forwarded to the LMRA,” said Dr Mansoor.

The new rules by health authorities will also reduce the waiting list for foreign workers to undergo the tests, which now stands at two weeks.

Dr Abdulla said in case a worker was sick before the two-week period he could visit the nearest health centre for treatment.

“If patients fall sick before the pre-employment test, they could visit the nearest health centre or the Salmaniya Medical Complex for treatment. It is the right of every individual to have access to health services,” he said.

All expatriates who secure a job in Bahrain are required to undergo a medical check up at the country of origin.

When they arrive, they undergo another medical examination before they get their residence permits.

The pre-employment medical tests includes general medical examination and chest X-ray.

This is in addition to blood investigation to cover HIV, Hepatitis-B and Venereal Disease Research Laboratory test for syphilis for certain occupations such domestic workers, food handlers, barbers and beauty saloon staff. Workers who fail these tests are considered unfit for work and not issued new work visa.

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  1. I was a cruel victim of medical checkup in India .In bombay 2 LMRA authorized medical center i went for test.they charged around 3500RS. for their test.after long waiting (24 hrs)they declared i am unfit…when i asked them ur blood shows HCV .In the LMRA website clearlly mentioned about this test is only for clinical workers and other domestic workers.Again i tested blood another lab,they said no virus found.Then i called this authorized clinic and told this lab report.then they told me that we are paying big amount to get this license,so we will charge.the same clinic agent approached me and told that if you pay 25000rs we will give you FIT certificate.Actually all these clinics are only working for these medical test only,there’s no qualified doctor or even a nurse.pls save poor workers from india…

  2. im satya india

    bahrain my visa cancelled sponser
    work visa valid july 2015
    helth care status b
    ken i apply new visa

  3. Hello Sir, my self vinod i am from ludhiana, punjab, india i am going to delhi for my medical checkup 6 aprel 2015. sir my all report are noramal but show in x-ray left angel blunted and delhi docter show me UNFIT in my medical test. after that i am come ludhiana and star my treatment in DMC&H hospilat. in ludhiana’s chest specilist docter test TB two time but its positive reults then they say for me CT scan test, and this is my CTscan report below
    1. pleural thickening and calcification is noted along left lateral chest wall with retraction of intercostal spaces

    2. basal atelectasis noted in left lower lobe and anterior segment of left upper lob.

    3. rest of the lungs show normal architecture.

    4. mediastinal vessels are normal.

    5. tracheo-bronchial three is normal.

    6. no evidence of pleural effusion is seen.

    7. no evidence of mediastinal lymphadenopathy is seen.

    8. to be correlated clinically.

    so sir i want to know realy i am not able for work permit of behrain base in this report. because when i show my all reports inclued ct scan report to Delhi docter they told me vinod we are know this in not a diseases but if we are shoe you fit in medical report. and when beharin goverment test you again then they will back you return for india.

    So kindly sir confirm me please really this is behrain rules and if i come to behrain they will really return back india for the reason of X-ray show angel blunted. kindly revert back on my emails:

  4. Hi
    I got my chest X ray done and found with small bleb in right lung. Just to explain, Bleb is not any current or past infection. Its just the air trapped in some part of the lung because of which there is some thinckness shown in the Xray. As confirmed by the doctors, bleb is not a disease or infection and it can be fond in any person.

    As per the criteria mentioned on the website, it clearly states that chest Xray should be clear with current or past incidence of TB.

    I want know that can i be declared UNFIT because of blebs in the lung?
    Kindly help to reply or guide me to the concerned department.


  5. I am a resident in Bahrain i ve done with my Medical proceedure i want to check my medical result online please guide me or give me link so i can check my medical report.

  6. Hi!
    The last paragraph states that only certain occupations likedomestic workers, food handlers,barbers and salon staff are required to undertake and clear the test for HIV, Hepa B and venereal diseases to be considered fit. Needless to say, all other occupations not categorised under those “certain occupations” may be declared fit even if found positive in the aforementioned tests but proven to be fit to fulfil their jobs and of no danger to society. I wish to be clarified.
    1. Did I get this correctly?
    2. If the answer if yes, is this still in effect?
    3. Are the GCC clinics informed of this?
    I am looking forward to your guidance.

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