Ernst & Young backing for Tamkeen scheme

osted on » Monday, June 28, 2010
MANAMA: Ernst & Young has signed an agreement to act as a service provider for Tamkeen’s Mohasaba scheme which offers accounting and audit support. The scheme aims to help add credibility to the private sector’s growth and stimulate development in line with the leadership’s Economic Vision 2030.

Tamkeen now offers programmes that empower businesses with accounting and auditing support. It will pay up to BD3,500 out of BD4,500 for a full package of accounting and auditing services and up to BD1,000 out of BD1,500 for auditing services alone.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) committed to paying the LMRA fees are eligible for the programme.

Ernst & Young Bahrain has completed registration of 60 SMEs and launched the project.

A session was arranged with Tamkeen, the company and two selected SMEs from the current registered portfolio, to identify the success of the implementation phase and incorporate their feedback to further enhance the process. The SMEs were introduced to the Mohasaba management team.

Discussion mainly focused on understanding the SMEs’ concerns and feedback on the service.

Ali Janahi, who owns a small aluminium company, said the project helped him organise accounting and auditing for his business and increase its efficiency.

Sayed Nasser Mohammed, who owns a small furnishing company, said the project helped him organise his inventory and control his cash flow

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