LMRA crackdown on illegal workers

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority has surveyed 1,528 illegal foreign workers in 25 companies. These include 990 with expired work permits and 309 whose licences had been abrogated.

A total of 229 runaway expatriate workers identified by LMRA inspectors will be referred to the Public Prosecution.

In a separate case, the inspectors surveyed 146 illegal workers employed by a major company who were referred to the Public Prosecution.

The LMRA inspection campaign targets companies and enterprises employing more than 100 expats.

The inspectors have also surveyed 283 illegal foreign street vendors.

The LMRA officials co-ordinated the crackdown with Labour, Interior and Municipalities and Agriculture ministries.

A group of 235 illegal workers have also been arrested and deported from Bahrain in co-ordination with the Public Prosecution and the General Directorate for Nationality, Passports and Residence.

Another batch of 52 expatriates has also been deported in co-ordination with their respective embassies. Legal procedures are underway to deport 1,026 others.

5 thoughts on “LMRA crackdown on illegal workers

  1. According to new rules LMRA has done evrythng to improve in this country ..catching run away expats nd illegally staying in the country is totally wrong …. But a question to the mebers of LMRA … iS THS THE RIGHT TIME to do ths necessary action with poor people living in this country …just putting to your knowledge ….half of the bahrain is running on labours support …the bussiness ..hotels evrythng is depending on labours … at present Bahrain has become a dead Graveyard … Beneficts going to lmra ..nd poor innocent people and business men getting killed …there families living in miserable condition and lots of trouble …Has any 1 ever pepped in manama town city how people pay there shop rent –house rent -eletricity etc …No body has time for tht …But this is not A improvement ……this is just money making skill …killing poors nd all at the same time ….ths is not law …. catchng illegal guys we agree ..the rest we dont …..the entire expats are …..unhappy with lmra ……2 sad to comment this …but thas the fact ..

  2. Please try to give more time to renew the employment visas, from many causes companies are getting trouble in this matter.So after one month of expiry you charge the employer for every delayed months.In this matter employees are innocent because it should be done by the employer.After one month of visa expiry it is so sad to hear that employee will be blacklisted or deported.I hope you will give kind attention on this matter.


  3. LMRA, Should catch those illegal workers, when they caught in red handed “while working illegally without visa in a shop or company”

    not to catch those poor workers & families who are in miserable condition and failed to renewed their visas & passports because of their sponsors.

  4. i agree with MAJID……………….next thing is that LMRA is benefit for bahrainis not expirates …..i have done AAT and im now planing to do ACCA after i find work …….but i cannot find work were ever i go they tell to change visa and i should have experience aslo how can i get experience i f u dont give me work,,,,should i change my visa for 120 bd no
    i lived here for 20 years i was born here and i am still Pakistani i cannot go to police also because LMRA…and what are they taking 10 bd for…due to it prices are increasing the private company owners bahrainis are also facing problems LMRA take our blood and sweat and instead of spending it on us and entire bahrain they are only using for bagrini people thats not fair at all…………………..those who r born hai and are non bahrainis should also be taken consideration buy the government

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