Important Notice

As part of LMRA’s continuous efforts to keep you informed and updated, and according to Labour Market Regulations Act No. (19) 2006, LMRA would like you to take note of this important process:

According to  Article No. (26-A) from the above act, “A Work permit shall expire at the end of its duration unless renewed ‎in accordance with the provisions of this Act”. In other words, work or family visas can no longer be renewed after their expiry and there is no “Grace Period”. Expired work or family visas will be cancelled and the expats will have to leave the country within 30 days, unless the foreign worker has a new work visa or by registering his/her “Intention for Mobility” before 30 days of the expiry date of the work visa.

In addition to the above, you should also take note of the following:

  1. According to resolution No. (76) 2008, Renewal of work and family visas can be done up to 6 months before the expiry date, while considering the accuracy of data registered in LMRA’s system (Passport No., Passport issue date, expiry date, etc…).
  2. Employer and employee need to make sure that the expat employee’s (or family member’s) passport is valid for at least 2 years before applying for any LMRA transaction such as new work visa application, renewal, or mobility.
  3. Once the expat has been issued a Work/Family visa, he/she must not change the passport or update any details on the passport before entering the country and completing the formalities or the work visa will be Invalid.
  4. Always pay LMRA fees on time to avoid late payment penalties and offences against your organisation. LMRA will take legal action against offenders, as per the law, action may include the cancellation of all the work visas granted to the organisation and/or referral to public prosecution.

We request every one’s cooperation in public interest for all

10 thoughts on “Important Notice

  1. Dear Sir,

    I still do feel that there should be a grace period or an amnesty for all the illegal workers to come forward and correct their status.Atleast, it could be done on a case by case basis.Atleast allow one months grace period from February 1, 2010 to 30 th February, 2010.



  2. I agree with Mr. Ahmed. Such stringent law will just increase the no. of illegal workers staying in this island and we sincerely want all to have a legal status in this beautiful and diverse Country.

  3. Dear Sir,
    Please clarify the following;

    .Employer and employee need to make sure that the expat employee’s (or family member’s) passport is valid for at least 2 years before applying for any LMRA transaction such as new work visa application, renewal, or mobility.

    How it is possible to have our passports to be renewed before 2 years of its expiry, as far as we know our embassies will renew them maximum of 6 month before its expiry.

    Hope LMRA/Foreign embassies will discuss this issue and will come to a fare conslusion.


  4. Dear Sir,

    My situation is the same, I resigned from my company last Dec 15, 2010 and the company cancel my work visa last Dec 20, 2010. They give me 30 days of “Grace Period” to look new sponsor while searching new job, I was not aware of the new Announcement “Intention for Mobility” even my company they did not inform me of this “Intention of Mobility” that i need to do this 30 days before expiry date of the work visa. And that 30 days of “Grace Period” I still did not find a job. I request “New Cancellation of Extension” and they do it under my expenses. Now I found a new sponsor but the problem is they cannot transfer the Visa to me because of this new rule that I have to enroll this “Intention for Mobility” According to the “Announcement” you have to do this before 30 days of the expiry date of the work visa. Sir maybe you can give a chance to do “Intention of Mobility”. Atleast, it could be done on a case to case basis. Atlest allow one month grace period from February 1 to 28th, 2010.


    Julius Tallano

  5. I am a local transfer and I am working with my current company for last 8 months my visa is still valid for four months but I want to resign even I agree to pay for my visa expenses, but my company is not accepting my resignation and they are asking me to leave bahrain and purchase my own ticket and deduct my salary of one month for not writing a last date of work in my resignation is this justifiable ???, same way they are telling me that I can not apply a mobility unless they will cancel my visa or I completed one year .

    I did not signed my contract agreement with my company , I handover my resignation 7th of June and still going to duty and I did get my salary for the Month of MAY .

    Kindly help me out with all my concerns. Thanks alot!

  6. dear sir,
    Please clarify the following;
    good after noon sir,i was working in a company due to some reason i left that company in just 6 months and they also cancelled my visa, with in a week i got new job now my new company tried to apply new visa for me when they tried in lmra it shows that “expat has not got mobility intension request” so that they are not able to apply for new visa what i have to do no .almost 20 days before my visa cancelled

  7. hello i resign to my company coz i have offer to new company im cancelled already my new company applying for my visa but rejected because my passport was less than six mos valid i go phil embassy they tell me need extension at the same time they will renew my passport i will use first the extension which is one year extended so that my new company can apply my visa but i called my new company they tell me lmra will not accept the extension only of passport lmra need renewed passport i want to know what is real im confuse i dont know who i will believe?

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