LMRA a great help

I wish to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) for their kind and helpful nature.

My residence permit was cancelled/expired two months ago and I was unemployed during this period.

Last week I received an employment offer and the company was willing to transfer my visa to their company immediately.

But since my RP had already expired beyond the allowed period, many people told me that I had no option but to leave the country and then come back on a new visa. I was really worried as I had other commitments and I was not in a position to leave the country.

Then I approached the LMRA by writing to chief executive Mr Ali Radhi.

I immediately received a reply informing me not to worry about the issue.

I was told to go to the LMRA to rectify my situation. They really helped me and now I am legal.

My thanks to Mr Ali Dawani, Ms Nuha Hasan and Mr Radhi.

I kindly request all illegal residents to come forward and approach the LMRA officials to rectify their illegal status. The officials are very kind and extremely helpful.

Do not be afraid as they are there not to harm you but to help you to legalise yourself.

An ex-illegal resident of Bahrain

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