The final word…

The final word…   
 Can Labour Market Regulatory Authority please give a definite answer to the following?

 I would like to know if the gratuity paid to an expat at the end of service, is based on basic or gross salary.

I earn a basic salary of BD 700 plus house allowance of BD300 and have been with the same company for 10 years. So do I get gratuity based on BD700 or BD1,000?

I M Sunil

EDITOR NOTE: LMRA’s website has many available and useful resources like: application/visa tracking:, where people can follow up with their applications.

And the expat portal,, where expat employees and their families can check their information and status, as well as the Frequently Asked Questions and SMS status checks etc.

LMRA also welcomes customers’ inquires, complaints or suggestions directed to LMRA contact centre on 17506055 (Sundays to Thursdays 7.30am to 3.30pm), or by e-mail:

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