Hold on there..!

Hold on there..!

This refers to ‘What about loyalty’ (GDN, December 6). On an Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) Radio programme on Radio Voice Bahrain 104.

2FM at 9am Mr Wahid Balushi said that one has to respect and obey the “contract agreement” made with the sponsor by an employee.

However, in many cases we find the ‘contract agreement’ so absurd that it violates and does not conform to labour laws and immigration rules and maybe even LMRA rules

Sometimes it happens so abruptly that many candidates are unaware of the rules and regulations and do make the agreement, especially those candidates who come afresh to Bahrain

In such cases doesn’t anyone think such agreements are illegal and liable to be invalid and abolished? Will this not be an offence made by an employer?

The writer is talking about the loyalty of the employees towards the employer. I would like to ask him, until now what was the loyalty of the employer towards an employee? He is made to work for more hours without any extra benefits, without any proper facilities, threatening his job security if he does not oblige, harassing for stupid reasons, though he may have been working for years or even decades in Bahrain.

Rangesh Kaushik

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