What about loyalty?

Posted on » Sunday, December 06, 2009

I am an avid listener of 104.2FM and I find their programmes very entertaining and informative.

 But in the programme relating to the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA), they inform callers to apply at the LMRA for switching jobs if their employer does not accept the request.

While this is the right procedure, they fail to inform the public about the need to fulfil their contractual obligations and the consequences of breaching their contracts and the procedures of the labour court, and if it escalates other courts, etc.

104.2FM makes it sound as if it is OK to switch jobs no matter what is written in the contracts. The LMRA itself has told many times that they do not interfere in the contracts and such problems will go to the courts.

While it is highly unlikely that an employer will take a worker to court and waste his time, I think 104.2FM has a responsibility to inform its callers about doing the right thing ethically. I feel 104.2FM should stress a bit more on old qualities such as loyalty and hard work in their programmes.

I call these qualities old because I find them almost non-existent nowadays. What made me write all this was because a man called up 104.2FM and said he had been at his job for only a month and wanted to switch jobs because he does not feel comfortable!

B Daniel

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  1. But if the employer breaches the contract then what the employee has to do?.e.g.My employer is holding three months salary saying that he invested for the visa.The employer is telling this as a company rule.But this clause is not in the labour contract. In such situations what the employees can do?please give me an advice

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