Al Hamad strike ends

by Benjamin Millington on Nov 17, 2009

Workers for Al Hamad Contracting in Bahrain have returned to work today after being promised their wages will be paid on Wednesday, according to sources

More than 2000 workers went on strike yesterday when their monthly salaries were not paid on time.

A source within the company said the problem was due to a delayed payment from one of Al Hamad’s clients.
He said Bahrain’s Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) went to Al Hamad’s labour camps yesterday to discuss the situation with the workers.

“The LMRA helped explain the difficulties that the company was facing and reassure the workers that they will be paid,” he said.

“The company has said they will get the salary on the 18th, if that doesn’t happen they will strike again.”

An official spokesman for Al Hamad was not available to comment.

The firm is currently working on several large projects in Bahrain, namely Reef Island, Villamar Towers and Marina West.

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