Blocking the way

I read about the renewal of residence/work permits for expatriate staff who are above 60.
But I don’t find any of the criteria mentioned in the report being followed, ie, – the employee should have a minimum salary of BD1,000/; he should have an educational background, be medically fit, etc. Residence permits for expatriates above 60 are renewed just on application.
This certainly blocks the opportunity for others to get promotion or Bahrainis to get absorbed into these positions.
Will the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) look into this issue rather than just renew the residence permits? Staff above 60 must go to prescribed medical centres for health fitness certificates.
* An LMRA spokesman said: “The criteria for applying for or renewing the visa for any expat employee who is above 60 years are clear and always followed:
1. Expat must have a private medical insurance cover for the whole duration of the visa.
2. Expat must be in a professional or managerial capacity (doctor, engineer, consultant, director, etc).
3. Expat’s salary must be above BD1,000 per month.
4. Expat must pass the medical examination (whenever required).
5. Application is subject to LMRA and GDNPR’s approval.
“There are some jobs where the majority of staff are over 60, like medical specialists in hospitals, and we cannot force such people to leave the country based solely on their age.
“That would not be right, especially if they have plenty of experience that is still in need. Setting a specific retirement age for expats or Bahraini employees is out of LMRA’s jurisdiction.”

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