MANAMA: Bahrain will make regional history on August 1 by scrapping the sponsorship system. Labour Minister Dr Majeed Al Alawi revealed the date after attending a multi-party meeting convened by Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) chairman Dr Essam Fakhro.
The new-look law governing work contracts will be subjected to periodic assessment to evaluate its viability.
Amendments will be made should the law prove detrimental to bosses and workers.
Economic Development Board (EDB) chief executive Shaikh Mohammed bin Essa Al Khalifa and officials representing Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) and the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions (GFBTU) also attended.
A quartet committee was also set up to study the new contract terms allowing expatriate workers to swap jobs and table feedback proposals.
It includes the Labour Ministry, BCCI, the LMRA and the GFBTU.
The panel will also be entitled to suggest conditions to be included to the criteria adopted by the LMRA for approving workers’ applications to swap jobs.
However, the committee’s proposals shall not contradict Article 25 of law 19 for 2006 on regulating the labour market.
The panel will also undertake a periodic impact assessment of the law once the sponsorship system is rolled back.
“The BCCI wants the project to forge ahead as planned without encroaching on businessmen’s interests,” Dr Fakhro said.
He reiterated businessmen’s keenness to ensure the scheme achieves its goals and meets the interests of all parties.
The positive atmosphere at the multi-party meeting was also praised.
Dr Al Alawi also outlined plans to ensure balance in implementing the law and avert any fallout on bosses or workers.

2 thoughts on “DATE WITH HISTORY

  1. Good News for Expat…. Thanks to Bahrain Government Authorities/LMRA!

    Apart from this, an Expat should think about his Sponsor’s Welfare.
    Even though we heard some Workers are suffering in Sponsorship System by low pay, more work load etc….

    On other aspects, we (expats) got more good Sponsors/Employers through out the Kingdom. We should be thankfull to them by serving for them because they are really good with their Employees.

    Well Done Bahrain ! Let’s keep our progress through mutual relationships between Employers and Employees…

  2. hi , can you please tell me if my sponser has the right to forbid me to work im my field if i leave his company in bahrain . I am not happy with him but i have a loan which he incouraged me to get and now is making me sign a contract that says if i want to leave his company , im not allowed to work in bahrain in my field ???? please let me know the truth , can he do that to me ?
    i have to sign the contract , otherwise i have to leave . I love bahrain but im just waiting for the right job offer , with this new contract , can he really make me stay ?

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