Only 4,828 now jobless in Bahrain


The rate of unemployment in Bahrain stood at 3.3 per cent last month, Labour Minister Dr Majeed Al Alawi said yesterday.

Figures released yesterday show 4,828 jobless Bahrainis out of a workforce of 145,000.

Unemployed Bahraini women make up a major bulk of 85.1pc, at 4,110, compared to 718 men.

The number of jobseekers receiving unemployment aid under the National Insurance Scheme fell to 2,222, down from 2,656 in last October.

Women make up 77pc of the beneficiaries at 1717, compared to 505 men, Labour Minister Dr Majeed Al Alawi said.

The November lists also show that 1,157 recipients are university graduates, while 1,065 hold no academic qualifications.

According to ministry figures, 5,740 have been recruited to date – 2,960 men and 2,780 women.

Meanwhile, 435 jobseekers have been removed from the benefits lists after exhausting their six-month eligibility term. Women make up the major bulk, at 598, compared to 151 men.

Eighty-four have turned down more than two job offers while 234 failed to report to the ministry, recruitment centres or career expos over the last two months.

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