D-Day has arrived for sponsorship system

My company is looking for staff members, every day we get a lot of job seekers who come for interviews.

Most of them are brought by their relatives or friends to find employment in Bahrain.

Many are charged large sums of money, much more than the charges of a visa or airfare.

Some are able to find jobs instantly while others take many months, in many cases their visas expire while job hunting.

With the new visa on arrival facility this scenario will only get worse.

I also come across many whose companies are not ready to renew their visas.

I have employees in my company who have no visa.

Probably the employer does not want to pay for the LMRA and other fees.

I hope the government will do something against irresponsible sponsors.

It is time Bahrain decided whether it wants to continue with the sponsor system or abolish it.

If it keeps the sponsor system it should be well organised and employees should be protected against harassment.


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