Bureaucrats making too many mistakes!

EMPLOYEES of both the CPR and Ministry of Labour seem to be making repeated and serious mistakes.

This has not only happened to me but many others.

When we apply for a CPR or work permit they make mistakes in occupation, address, etc. Then when we ask them to rectify the mistakes they take time and complicate the issue further.

They either need training or more staff.

Customer service employees should be more accurate and more responsible.

It is not fair that a person go back and forth many times to the same sectors to resolve a mistake which was made from their side.

I brought a cook but they entered his occupation as ‘salesman’ on the visa. Then I provided my correct residential address and they again put a wrong and different one. Mistakes should not be repeated.

If this is considered a legal government document then there should be supervisors to check and correct the serious mistakes committed by their employees.

However, they blame the sponsors and make us visit them a few times.

It is time to have a better and more efficient system. We pay for accuracy and good service, not mistakes.

Why should people suffer for others’ mistakes? Mr Adel and many others who are fed up with repeated mistakes!!!

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