New LMRA call to companies

By Mandeep Singh

COMPANIES need to come forward to provide up-to-date information on their expatriate workers to labour authorities, it was reiterated yesterday.

With a little more than a month remaining for the July 1 deadline for companies to “cleanse” their data, only about 20 per cent of the expatriate workers have been registered so far, said Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) chief executive Ali Radhi.

“We wish to urge them to come forward at the earliest possible so that they continue to be served by the LMRA,” Mr Radhi told a Press conference at the LMRA in Sanabis.

“While about 65pc of companies and other employers in Bahrain have registered, between them, they have updated information on only 20pc of the workforce.”

Out of more than 60,000 companies and organisations in Bahrain, only around 36,200 have registered with LMRA.

Mr Radhi said these included government entities, commercial and non-commercial organisations as well as non-government bodies.

He said the number of individuals whose data has been cleansed is only 75,821, or 20pc, out of a total of 373,655 expatriates whose data should be cleansed before July 1.

Larger companies with more than 100 employees must seek appointments for their staff to come at specific times, he said.

Mr Radhi said a LMRA festival, being organised at the Bahrain International Exhi-bition Centre from June 4 to 21, will be an opportunity for the remaining expats to register.

“We shall have 30 counters open from 6.30am to midnight and staff would work throughout,” he said.

“Employees who wish to come individually will have get appointment tickets from the Bahrain International Exhi-bition Centre main gate.

“Everyone will be served, and no one should panic.

“If everyone sticks to appointments and official guidelines, there will be no problem,” he assured.

Doors will be closed at 8.30am for morning sessions and at 4.30pm for the evening.

“All those who have appointments for the said dates will be served,” said Mr Radhi.

He said he did not wish to comment on the Bangladesh work permit ban.

The official said he regretted recent chaos and unruly scenes at several LMRA fingerprinting centres.

“We were unprepared for the rush. The problem is when employees start taking it easy and suddenly rush, when a deadline looms. That is why the chaos happens,” said Mr Radhi. He said they have adopted better measures at the upcoming LMRA festival. “We hope it would be enough to register everyone.”

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